New Foundation Course 26th April   cancelled- updated 24/4/22 7:04 pm

2 advanced training sessions were held in February 2022- thank you to those who attended.

4 foundation training sessions were held in November 2021- thank you to those who attended. More will be scheduled.

This page allows you to book onto the 2 levels of training available and required for certain voluntary roles.

The 2 training types have titles of: (2020) Foundation or  (2019) Advanced.

Foundation training is for eg: Pastoral Visitors, Local Preachers, Worship Leaders 

(in the past we had 2016 Foundation training and refresher- the 2020 course replaces both)

Advanced Training is additionally for Local Preachers, Worship Leaders and Church Safeguarding Liaison Officers (CSLO). It used to be called Leadership Module

You may have received an invitation via your CLSO, but anyone is welcome to attend.


2020 Foundation Training

This lasts approximately 2hours 15 minutes- see here for details and course content.

It is delivered by trainers from within our circuit.

Please indicate your intention to attend by selecting the appropriate link, registering and checking out a free ticket. (it is not absolutely necessary to create an Eventbrite account)

It is not necessary to print out a ticket, though you may find it a good reminder.

If you are not able to use Eventbrite,  then the alternatives are to contact either Val or Nigel. Or your CSLO.

Morning training starts at 9:30am prompt. Refreshments are available from 9:00am (Tea, Coffee (decaff and caff) and squash)

The session is expected to complete by 11:45am

Afternoon sessions start at 1:30pm. Refreshments as above are available from 1:00pm

The session is expected to complete by 3:45pm

Evening  sessions start at 7pm. Refreshments as above are available from 6:30pm

The session is expected to complete by 9:15pm


2020 Foundation Training Module

Where When click link below

Upton Methodist Church, High Street Upton



Tuesday 26th April 2022





 to register

(2019) Advanced Module- face to face

This training is delivered by District Safeguarding Officers

Registration, tea and coffee will be from 10am with a prompt start at 10.30am
and finish at 3.00pm. Please bring a packed lunch as there will be a short lunch
break. Tea, Coffee and biscuits will be provided.

A link to course content is here




The pre course reading material is sent out by e mail, if you would prefer a hard copy please let Nigel know or place your details on the eventbrite booking page.


Other venues in other circuits are available as below- contact Nigel or Val for details or search eventbrite.


(2021) Advanced Module- on line, remote

As an alternative to the face to face sessions above- maybe especially helpful if you cannot attend in person- connexion have organised an online free course which you can take at any time followed by a scheduled zoom concluding session.

You will conduct an online course entitled "Creating Safer Spaces- Advanced Module" as part of Cliff College's provision- see

It has 6 modules with text to read and videos to watch. 

At the end of each module, there is a multichoice quiz to answer. Only when the correct answer is provided by you will you be able to move on to the next module.

Connexion advise it might take between 4 and 6 hours to complete. You will be sent a pdf of a workbook to support your learning. It can be found here

Only when the course is complete, would you be eligible to attend the subsequent 2 hour zoom session where you will be guided though some concluding thoughts and have the opportunity to share with others in Break out groups. This session is fully facilitated and guided by District Safeguarding Officers 

If you wish to experience this system of on line learning, then you can create a Theology X account (free) and try the  "How to use Theology X" course.

See link to connexional page here

To enrol on the Theology X course, contact Sue Wisharts- District Safeguarding officer on [email protected] with your name, email address, circuit and role.

You will be advised of the time for a scheduled zoom event subsequently.



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