Lindale Methodist Church

Brandy Carr Road, Kirkhamgate, Wakefield. WF2 0RJ

The Mission of Lindale Methodist Church is to respond to the good news, revealed in the gospel message of God’s love, through worship, fellowship and outreach by serving the local community and beyond as Holy Spirit-led disciples and followers of the teaching and example of Jesus Christ.


  • Sunday Family Worship (10.30 am). No Sunday Junior Church. 
  • Informal Worship (10.30am) on the first and third Sundays each month.
  • Weekly Sunday evening services are no longer held but, usually, there will be a Prayer Service on the last Sunday of each month at 6pm.
  • Holy Communion held at least once each month.
  • Baptisms usually held as part of Sunday service.
  • Afternoon joint Remembrance Service held with village Community Association each year.

Tuesday - Women’s Institute (Third Tuesday evening, each month 7.30pm)
Wednesday - Searchers' Group (Second Wednesday of the month at 6.45pm). Bible discussion.

The Minister, Rev Rob Drost, welcomes you to church on the second Wednesday of the month between 10am and 12noon. There will be an opportunity for a chat, to discuss, or share a prayer - along with a cup of tea!
Thursday – Church Fellowship with invited speakers, games, crafts or a meal. (Third Thursday evening, usually at 6.30pm, each month, but meeting at 2pm during the winter months, commencing in October.)
Saturday – Open Door Coffee Morning (First Saturday, each month, 10am to 11.30am)

General Information:
Lindale is located on the north side of Wakefield on Brandy Carr Road, Kirkhamgate. The Village Community Centre is located next door and the Junior and Infant school directly across the road. The School occasionally holds events in the church.



Revd Robert Drost
Telephone : 01924 373287
Email: [email protected]

Church Stewards:

Mary Asquith                 Kim Bradshaw (person for contact)                 

Joyce Hampshire           Keith Jones               Hugh McKee

 The chapel is beginning to re-open for services after several months of inactivity due to the Covid-19 situation. Numbers being able to attend services will initially be restricted and it is necessary for those wanting to attend to contact the minister in advance. Current plans are:


Sunday May 2  Mr Paul Bates

                     9  Rev Hugh McKee & Mrs Joyce Hampshire

                    16 Rev Rob Drost (Ascension Sunday & Holy Communion)

                     23 Mr Matt Burland (Pentecost Sunday)

                     30 Mrs Christine Hewitt

Further information will be made available in due course regarding the re-introduction of coffee mornings and other social events.


UPDATE.....The church wishes to express its sincere thanks to the many people in Kirkhamgate and beyond who gave donations at the harvest festival. The response was overwhelming! All the proceeds have been sent to the Community Awareness Programme in Wakefield who help to relieve the suffering caused by want and poverty in the Wakefield MDC and the surrounding area. 

The following photograph shows part of the Harvest collection for CAP (The remainder was displayed on window ledges).

The photo below shows the 2020 Remembrance Poppy Display.

This picture shows the display at the front of the church on the occasion of the Church's 25th anniversary weekend in October 2016:

.........and at Christmas we had 2016 silver anniversary stars: