Central Methodist Church

Newgate, Pontefract. WF8 1NB

Sunday services: 10.45am and 6.00pm

Minister in pastoral charge: Revd Jacob Kaiga  01977 702673


Our Mission is: 
 to be a welcoming church, nurturing in each other a deepening spiritual life in Christ. 
 to lead others to faith in Christ by witness and service in our community and the world



Central Methodist Church is a lively, friendly and very welcoming Church.  It is situated off Jubilee Way Pontefract West Yorkshire...WF8 1NB

Within the Church, Children are well catered for:-

Explorers (6-11 years) Wednesday evenings 6.30pm

Fish Youth Group (11-16 years) Wednesday evenings 7.30pm 01977 794384

Junior Church Sunday 10.45am

All age worship third Sunday in the month.

Hullabaloo musical fun for pre school children Thursday 10.am 01977 792781

Fellowship and Activities

There are small Bible studies, and housegroups meeting on or off the Church premises details can be obtained from the weekly grapevine.

Woman's Tuesday group meets fortnightly for Women of all ages.  Talks may or may not be about Christian faith.

Bible Study 1st Thursday in the month 7.30pm

Lunch + is held on the last Friday of each month, 12noon for 12.30pm £2.50 

Coffee morning  first Saturday in the month 10.am

Midweek Communion  second Wednesday in the month - 12.30pm

Kurling .. Mondays 2pm-4pm

Indoor Bowls   Wednesday 10.am

Art and Pottery Group Mondays 10.30am - 2.pm

Services for November 

12th    November 10.am Mr Richard Hayes     6pm  Rev D Hall HC

19th  Nov 10.am Mrs Val Brook       6pm Rev K Williams

26th November  10.am Mrs C Hewitt 4pm Circuit Service Normanton Methodist Church

Circuit Bible Study 3
Our third Bible study is based in the gospel of Mark.
The first three gospels, Mathew, Mark and Luke are always known as synoptic gospels. The word synoptic comes from two Greek words which means to see together. Mark is the shortest of the four gospels and most likely the earliest to have been written. John Mark is the author of this Gospel. The gospel illustrates who Jesus is as a person. Due to the simplicity of the text, the Gospel of Mark is a great introduction to the Christian faith. It is here where we see Jesus as a servant who “did not come to be served but to serve and to give His life as a ransom for many” (Mark 10:45) so let us study this incredible gospel together and try to read one chapter a day.
We will start on October 16th and finish on 31st.
As we did with other studies, the following questions can help you as guidelines;
1. Is there particular verse or verses that really spoke to you?
2. Which chapter spoke to you personally?
3. What have you generally learnt from your study?
4. What have you learnt from Mark’s Gospel that can enhance your spiritual growth?
As you study, you may wish to take a note book and write down any relevant things that you have learnt. You can also take a coloured pen and underline the verses that speak to you and help in your spiritual growth.
The following is the timetable for members to meet for feedback and share what they have learnt, thereby helping one another as we endeavour to grow spiritually both as individuals and corporately.
Wednesday November 1st at 7.30pm – Wrenthorpe

Friday November 10th at 7.00pm – Micklegate

Tuesday November 14th at 7.30pm – Upton

Saturday November 18th at 7.30pm – Lofthouse

Tuesday November 21st at 7.30pm – The King’s Way

Once again friends, thank you for allowing me to organise our Circuit Bible studies. If you have any questions ring Jacob on 01977 702673 or your minister.
Jacob Kaiga


Mrs P. Oldroyd 01977 794294

Mrs R. Marshall

Mrs R. Walton

Mrs B. Dyson

Mrs L. Farrand

Mrs C. Williams

Mr S Jones


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Our Church is wheelchair friendly